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Ex-Muslims of North America takes ownership and operation of WikiIslam

DEC3, 2015

Ex-Muslims of North America has an exciting announcement to make. The site known as Wikiislam has transferred its ownership over to EXMNA, which will from now on operate the wiki.

Wikiislam has been open to the public for over nine years and during that time, numerous editors have worked hard to provide references from authoritative primary and secondary Islamic sources. The overarching goal is to continue the tradition that WikiIslam established of providing well-referenced sources.

EXMNA plans to work on enhancing the quality further by improving language and additional cites to the greatest extent possible. To achieve that goal we require editors to clean/maintain the site and translators (preferably those proficient in Arabic, Urdu and Bengali) to help translate the 2,800+ articles.

To those interested in helping with the upkeep of the site by being an editor or translator, please sign up as a volunteer at and select ‘WikiIslam’ or email [email protected]

WikiIslam is temporarily available at while the assets are being transferred.

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